Exactly what is self-cleaning glass?
Activ™ is an ordinary glass with a special coating on the outside that has a unique dual-action capability to break down and wash away organic dirt. Once exposed to daylight, the coating breaks down any organic dirt deposits and then rain water, or water from a hose, sheets down the glass to wash the loosened dirt away.

What about cloudy days and at night?
The Activ™ coating needs only a small amount of UV radiation to activate the coating, so it works on overcast days. And the water sheeting effect will last through the night.

Will my windows start cleaning themselves right away?
After windows have been installed, the Activ™ coating on the glass takes about five days to activate itself. For the best results, after installation and initial cleaning by the installer, the windows should be left until the coating activation period is completed before any cleaning is undertaken.

What effect does the coating have on the glass?
Very little, other than keeping it cleaner for longer! From certain angles Activ™ glass has a slightly greater mirror effect than ordinary glass, with a faint blue tint. Otherwise, the glass is just like any other. The Activ™ coating has no effect on glass strength, and only reduces the amount of light and energy that passes through by about 5%.

Can I purchase just the coating to apply myself?
No. Activ™ glass is manufactured using a unique, patented technology, and the glass is produced in a factory-controlled environment.

Can I purchase just the glass to install myself?
No. Only commercial glass fabricators and window manufacturers, such as RIVCO, are authorized to provide Activ™ glass components as part of complete glazing systems.

Can this glass be used in any window?
Any exterior window. It is not suitable for interior purposes. Though it can be used in any exterior window, Activ™ self-cleaning glass is especially useful for inaccessible windows where organic dirt normally collects, such as skylights, roof windows, picture windows, transoms, and in sun spaces. Activ™ glass can be installed vertically or at an angle.

Will my windows ever need cleaning?
The Activ™ coating will eventually break down even heavy deposits, and is designed to virtually eliminate the amount of maintenance required. However, if the surface is so dirty that UV light cannot reach the glass, the self-cleaning action will not take effect. You may have to clean your windows during long dry spells or if they become heavily soiled. If cleaning is necessary, it’s much easier to clean Activ™ glass than conventional glass.

How easy will my windows be to clean?
Normally, a simple hosing down with water will suffice, but you can also use a soft cloth and
warm, soapy water. No special cleaners are required and the Activ™ coating will naturally
re-activate after a few days.

What if dust collects on the surface during dry weather?
The Activ™ coating will remove organic deposits, such as fingerprints or tree sap, but dust
generally contains chemicals that will not fully decompose. To remove it before the next rainfall, simply spray the glass with water.

How long will the coating last?
Tests have shown that the Activ™ coating will last as long as the glass itself.

Can the coating be scratched or rubbed off?
The Activ™ coating is securely bonded to the glass, so it can only be affected if the surface
of the glass itself is damaged. If the glass is broken, or scratched with pointed objects, abrasive
cleaners or steel wool, the coating can be damaged. Otherwise, tests have shown that the coating will not flake off or discolor.

Can the coating be replaced?
Since the Activ™ coating lasts as long as the glass itself, there is no need to replace it.

Is the coating environmentally friendly?
Yes. The coating contains harmless chemical substances already found in the home, in such things as toothpaste and paint. In fact, since only small amounts of cleaning agents may ever be needed, Activ™ glass is kinder to the environment than ordinary glass.

What is a photocatalytic effect?
This is the name given to the chemical reaction involving UV rays from natural daylight,
oxygen and the special coating on Activ™ glass that breaks down and loosens organic dirt
particles from the glass.

What does hydrophilic mean?
It literally means “water attracting” and is the opposite of hydrophobic, which means “water
repelling.” Basically, it means water spreads evenly over the surface of the glass to form a thin
film that washes away and dries off quickly without leaving unsightly drying spots.

How much will this glass add to the cost of my windows?
That depends on the size of your windows; whether or not Activ™ glass is used in conjunction with other glazing products to enhance additional desirable qualities; and, to a lesser extent, where you will use the glass. An authorized dealer, such as RIVCO, is best prepared to help you assess cost factors.

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